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The Big Firework Co. is a professional firework company with many years experience of both firing large public displays and retailing quality fireworks to the public.

We select the best fireworks available to be included in our retail range offering a great selection of effects, designs and colours.

All our consumer products comply with the British Standard 7114:Part2:1988 and our membership of the CBI Explosives Industry Group is your guarantee of our intent to supply the safest and best products at real value for money prices.

To browse our products please pick a category on the left. Look out for the following symbols:


Click on BIG PICTURE to view a larger photo of the product. Click on BIG VIDEO CLIP to see the actual firework in action!

Fireworks marked with the Noise Factor symbol create loud bangs. Please be conscious of your neighbours, particularly if there are any young children, elderly, pets or animals in the vicinity of the display site. Other fireworks not marked with this symbol may contain bangs, but it is not their main function.

It is recommended to advise adjoining landowners and neighbours of the date, time and duration of your display in advance. It is advisable to finish your display by 10:30pm at the latest or earlier if possible.

Under the Fireworks Regulations, it is illegal to let fireworks off between 11pm and 7am except December 31st (1am), Chinese New Year (1am), Diwali (1am) and November 5th (midnight).

We appreciate that many of our customers prefer fireworks that do not create loud bangs and scare neighbours, children and pets. Therefore we have created a range of fireworks that do not contain loud bangs. They are identified with this Low Noise logo.

2009 The Big Firework Co.